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Advanced Certificate course in Railway RAMS, System engineering, and Assurance
  • Online tutorials including live support sessions and online tests including contact classes, live queries sessions. (56 hours) 

  • Course work/ Project to analyse the performance 

  • Case study session : Contact classes +Tutor assessment

 The Course is  is certified.


Certificate Courses
  • Certificate course in Railway RAMS concepts & applications 

Includes online tutorials, live support sessions, and online tests (41 hours) — leading with an online written examination to analyze the performance after completion of the training course. 

  • Certificate course in Railway RAMS, System Engineering, and Assurance

Includes online tutorials, live support sessions, and online tests (56 hours) – leading with a Course work/ Project to analyse the performance after completion of the training course.  

Module Level Courses

Module-level courses are consist of 4 specific courses including Online tutorials, live support sessions, and online tests. 

  • Railway System Engineering Concepts and Applications (13 hours)
  • Railway System Safety Concepts and ApplicationsCPD Certified (18 hours)  
  • Railway RAM Engineering Concepts and Applications – CPD Certified (17 hours)
  • Railway System  Assurance Concepts and Applications (8 hours)

Appreciation course on Railway RAMS, System Engineering, and Assurance
  • Two days Live Sessions/Contact Classes by faculties 
  • The appreciation course is a mix of RAMS, System Engineering, and Assurance concepts and applications 
  • This course is suitable for corporates who want to provide short term technical training to their employees

Electromagnetic compatibility - Wikipedia

Overview course on EMC for Railways
  • Pre-recorded Lectures
  • 1 Hour live support session by Stuart Charles
  • This EMC course provides a comprehensive overview of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) as applied to the railway environment.

Intellex consulting Services provides CPD certified course. 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) recognized by international pioneering quality standards, since 1996,  is to describe the learning activities that professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities. It enables learning to become conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive. The CPD Certification Service provides a solution to this challenge through a rigorous and impartial assessment process which has been established from the outset since 1996. 

The CPD Certification Service was established as an independent CPD accreditation institution operating across industry sectors to complement the Continuing Professional Development policies of professional institutes and academic bodies. The CPD Certification Service provides support, advice and recognised independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD principles. Intellex is prestige member of CPD certification service. 

Please visit Intellex page on CPD UK website :https://cpduk.co.uk/directory/profile/intellex-consulting-services-uk-ltd

Francisco Chicharro Safety Expert: Mumbai Metro Line -4

The course is very useful, specially for reach a general overview of RAMS and Safety Assurance.

Raed M. Shaiban PSD Engineer, DB Engineering & Consulting GMBH

The course is satisfying. The course is designed from scratch and has been covering relevant topics in detail.

Ajay G Pillai Railway Fleet Safety Officer / Environment & Quality Specialist at Etihad Rail DB Operations

It was very informative program and covers various elements of RAMS and safety concepts in detailed way and very informative lectures as well.

Nilanjan Roy Choudhury Safety Assurance Engineer at Alstom

Course content is very good.


    We have designed training courses on Railway RAMS, System engineering, and Assurance with focus on its application in railway domains such as Rolling stock, signalling, Track, Power, Communication systems, Station systems, and Depot for Main line as well as Metro rails.

    A glimpse of these lectures can be seen in these two lectures by Madeleine & Dr. Verma.

    Our Faculty

    Rishi Marathu 

    MSc (Risk & Reliability), MIET

    Rishi  is a highly experienced System safety and RAM consultant. He has worked 18 years in railway RAM and system safety in Network rail, London underground, Canada metro, Dubai Metro and Doha metro projects.He has worked both in supplier and client ends for the delivery of system assurance of rail projects. He is also experienced in establishing Reliability centred maintenance and asset management.

    Madeleine Hoskins

    MSc, CEng, MIET, MSaRS

    Madeleine specializes in railway safety assurance and RAM.She has over 30 years experience in the application of these skills, and in addition to personally providing consulting services directly to clients, she has also acted in leadership roles, managing teams and developing individuals.She has delivered Risk Practitioner course to Network rail Risk specialists, undertaken Yellow Book training.

    Dr. Mukul Verma

    CEng, Fellow IRSE, IET and IETE

    Dr Mukul Verma has extensive academic and work experience in the field of RAMS assurance, and Design of safety critical systems.He possesses Master’s degree in Engineering and Doctorate degree in Fault tolerance techniques and its application to the design of safety critical systems, followed by over 25 years of experience in design, verification & validation, and certification of safety systems.

    Stuart Charles 

    MSc (EMC) Distinction

    Stuart Charles has a remarkable 40 years of EMC experience in the field of EMC PCB research and design (Bell Northern Research), development test and installation of high-speed data systems (Nortel Ottawa and Harlow), SSR, defense system work (Raytheon UK), and EMC in railways (London Underground and Crossrail). he has worked on railway systems including new station build and upgrades, engineering rolling stock, and track signaling systems such as TPWS. He has published 8 papers on EMC.

    Blogs & Events

    Intellex RAMS Webinar 2021: 14th & 21st August

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